Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Test Flex/Flash in Selenium

There are many automation tools for testing Flex & Flash RIA web page, like TestComplete, QTP. However, they are all not free. It's good news if Selenium supports such kind of RIA testing.

We found there are some interesting projects on Selenium for Flex/Flash testing.

Here is a topic:

SeleniumFlexApi is in one part a Flex library which needs to be included in your app and on the other part an extension to the Selenium IDE. I like the Flex part, because it makes it easy to dive over Javascript into the details of your Flex app. What I don’t really like is the Javascript extension. Yes, it is not only a Selenium IDE part and you can include it into the start of the Selenium Server, but it is far away from Java and Maven.

FlashSelenium is a piece of code which let’s you talk from Java over Selenium with your Flex app. The Java part is very handy, but you need to code into Flex, which methods you could call over your bridge. So I need to write special code, which opens the bridge. The SeleniumFlexAPI is much better in this part.


  1. Its useful information.
    but can anyone tell me, which special code needs to be written in Flex to open bridge between flex and selenium.

  2. Please inform . its urgent !!
    We have urgent requirement for testing Flex application with selenium. We have downloded FlashSelenium and SeleniumFlexApi, but could not know till now, what code needs to be added to Flex to get object identifier property(Name/ID) and send those to selenium..