Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dedicated to developing Selenium Core Firefox chrome branch

Since my team has chosen Selenium Core-Firefox chrome with Selenese table test case as primary Selenium testing method, my task will focus on Selenium Core Firefox chrome branch development(A brand new Selenium-IDE). I will also contribute a bundle of Java APIs to play Selenium Core*ffchrome. Moreover, I should provide a GRID framework for huge test case number run.

"Simply the best". No proxy server, no Remote Control, no IE/HTA, no Java Test Case, no Same Origin Policy, I really found this mode is efficient but powerful as long as we provide an enterprise framework.

For QA, they only need learn Selenese table knowledge without Java programming skills. They don't need to install any complex framework but only setup our Selenium-IDE version on their desktop.

For framework developer, then needn't build a heavyweight infrastructure like proxy server, client driver. What they need do are only:
1) Let Selenium-Core*ffchrome save detailed enough result capture/snapshot with well formed structure to local file system.
2) Extend chrome URL parameters to meet all configuration requirements. We can benifit a lot from Mozilla APIs and do some fantasitic jobs for Selenium core(That why we choose Firefox as Selenium browser).
3) A bundle of Java APIs to play Selenium-Core*ffchrome under isolated profile and parse run results to Java Objects. We can define an atomic unit(1-3) as one Selenium Agent.
4) A GRID Java framework to distribute huge test case number run on Agents with scalability. DB support is necessary to save both test case info and run result info.
5) Then a GUI web based test case maintenance and execution portal is possible with above back end framework supporting.

Comparing to official RC+GRID solution, our solution is more suitable for acceptance test, integrating test & regression test(black box).

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  1. Where does this effort stand? I work in an organization that does exactly the kind of testing you describe. I want to create an integration suite of testing that runs each night after a nightly build to regression test our application.

    Testers will develop and maintain the html test cases. They are looking for a tool to remove the mind numbing task of regression testing from the work they do.